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Reports not displaying

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On several accounts I have noticed as of yesterday afternoon that Reports no longer
display. I am assuming that it is due to the recent patch update.
Also I have noticed when clicking on Options in lower right hand corner, frequently
it will load a blank page.
I also am seeing a Red box in the upper right hand corner that when clicked on says
Errors and they are numbered one thru thirteen and the errors number seems to be
increasing everytime I log into game.


  • gamerdruid
    4331 posts Moderator
    The error box is a script installed that is intercepting errors and preventing you from being kicked off the world.

    Options have been under siege since the patch, with many reporting problems so it is all connected.

    I've not seen other reports of the Reports problem - which world is this on.

    I've had problems with the missions not showing since the patch too, it corrected itself after a short time. The Reports issue could also be a poor connection/broken connection within the many servers/databases in use for the game.

    Things are not well in the Command and Conquer worlds - let's hope for improvements from next week (it takes time to identify the cause of issues, find a fix and test them so next week is a reasonable target timescale whereas Friday isn't!)
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • RedK8
    25 posts Member
    I am on Wrath 7, but everything seems to be fine now.. Reports are now displaying and the error box is gone.
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