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Game Hosed

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You jerks have completely hosed this game again!! After playing this for over 10 years it gets more and more difficult to play the game with my accounts, that are legitimately mine. Every single update just screws the players over and over again. Now logging in is a total nightmare and today I am unable to change worlds at all!! What in the crap is wrong with you people? I guess you just don't want anyone to play this silly mess at all. Consider me done as I can't even access my games at all!



  • yup im on your side here ....this game WAS ACE.. but now with these updates etc etc , login issues its gonna be the nail in coffin for this game .... sadly :(
  • methuselah
    460 posts Senior Moderator
    Name calling doesn't help although I concur things are a mess.
  • funny how no one complaining on login issues on fifa and sims and there is a hell of alot more help etc for those games .. thius one they EA couldnt care less for
  • methuselah
    460 posts Senior Moderator
    You won't get me defending EA, but the amount of attention garnered directly related to the size of the playerbase and the associated income stream.

    For better or for worse, in this instance worse, it is a business after all. It doesn't mean they don't care but that caring is proportional :p
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