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Official guide to play this game with multiple accounts at the same time !

Can someone place the link here, where i can read this ?


  • gamerdruid
    4328 posts Moderator
    I doubt you will get an 'official' guide, we've had no official guides on how do do anything in all the time I've played the game!
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  • Keyser_888
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    edited May 2018
    Well I honestly would say that I think the ability to easily log into the game without any special computer knowledge should be a bare minimum for a game that is mean't to entertain you... and we also pay a hell of a lot to play...

    I found ways around the buggy login, but I still think it stinks to be really honest.

    Not to forget that the new login also stopped CCTA-Stats & CNC-Map from working.
    - Yes I know it's not an EA site or function and that they don't support any 3rd party stuff, but the info available from those sites should been available in-game if you ask me... And the in-game map is so buggy that you can't really trust it anyway...

  • gamerdruid
    4328 posts Moderator
    I agree a lot of script functionality should have been in the game from the start and as the game developed others should have been added. But it hasn't been in the main, although we did get the sim
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • EE_Elephterion
    1829 posts Envision Developer
    Well, we are always on the lookout for improvements and also look at what Quality of Life changes we can implement based on what users created for themselfs via scripts. We have brought in the home marker and the simulation rollout for example and as long as these features don't collide or conflict with the main intentions for the games design we will do so in the future as well.

    As for using multiple accounts, this is simply not supported as a matter of policy. You may find it possible somehow but from our side this is not what we support, technically or otherwise.
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
  • OK. Thank you for that answer. Then I won't be waiting for a fix for that then :)

    But It would be nice for the bots for the CCTA-Stats and the CNC-Maps to work as a LOT of people use them actively, especially to be able to see what alliances a players have been in before.
    It is definitively the best tool for a lot of statistics in the game, and I would love for them to work.

    I suppose you know of these sites?

    BTW: Thank you for answering Elephterion - It's nice to feel some information coming directly from EA too.
    And big credits to the moderators in here that are kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place... :)

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