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Play as forgotten.

Just wondering.
How do you feel about having the forgotten as a playable faction for a special server?
Like when EU server 50 comes around or something. Possibly fight against GDI/NOD just like you fight against the forgotten now.
Just a complete turnaround.


  • the forgotten do not have the buildings that are needed for the economy or for attack etc
    forgotten attack units are exact copies of gdi units (properties-wise),
    forgotten attack units do not have upgrades
    upgrades of forgotten defensive units are only those you see in the fortress
    Just play gdi, and imagine different visuals for the units, the experience will be better than actually playing forgotten
  • well, theoretically, especially if they are copies of GDI, for this special server all they would have to do is copy and paste a few tables over between the factions. All the exists already, you would just have to cut and paste some stuff here and there.
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