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How to make your alliance bigger

I am stuck at 26 members but want recruit more, how do I do that?


  • gamerdruid
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    The common way is to be a successful alliance, then people want to join you.

    Depending on the world and how long it has been around, you could try the world chat. But... how many of your alliance of 26 have actually logged in (despite the issues) within the last 3 days?

    If it is not 26 then I'm afraid you don't have an active and dedicated enough alliance for players to want to join and stay in.

    Despite the issues, the PTE has managed to fill one alliance with 48 and another with 11 which is much the normal rate of alliance filling on the PTE. So those players have managed to overcome whatever hurdle EA has put in their way and signed-up for a new world.
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