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Patch Notes 18.2, Patch Maintenance on May 23

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Hello Commanders,

Below you will find the notes for changes and fixes in Update 18.2. The Patch will be deployed to the servers on May 23, 2018 from 06:00 – 16:00 UTC.

Fixed Bugs
  • Fixed various sorting issues with lists in the game
  • An error has been fixed that caused some threads in the in-game forum not to receive the proper icon indicating new comments
  • The position update of the home marker has been improved to reduce overlapping with other markers
  • Fixed an issue with the context menu in player chat disappearing
  • An issue has been fixed that sometimes causes items from the supply window not being properly deleted on use
  • Fixed a bug that caused chat messages being send after changing chat channels

Added Features
  • An Icon has been added to the base shortlist that indicates which of your bases is currently attacking a target
  • Added patch version to info box on the lower right
  • Added logout button to info box on the lower right
  • Added display to tooltip box that displays NPC bases in range of 10 fields from selected target
  • ‘Found Base’ tooltip now displays cost until next level can be researched
  • ‘Home Marker’ display can now be enabled/disabled in the options menu

We will bring down the following worlds and apply the patch:

World 1 Ukrainian
World 1 Swedish
World 1 Slovak
World 1 Romanian
World 1 Norwegian
World 6 Spanish
World 4 Polish
Welt 17
World 7 Russian
World 7 French
World 3 Turkish
Welt 20
World 9 Russian
World 8 French
World 7 Brazilian
World 7 Polish
World 14 Russian
World 2 Czech
World 3 Italian
World 12 French
World 17 Spanish
World 2 Romanian
World 19 Spanish
Veteran World 2016
Veteran World 3
Tiberian 27
Wrath 20
Tiberian 34

All other worlds will follow up one week later on May 28-29 2018.
Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
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