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Cannot change the world?

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Have anyone experienced issues of changing world in TA like I have?

My issue is that when I click the "change the world" I only get empty list of worlds where I cannot choose nothing.
My issue started over 1 week ago and I can only log on the world where I was last in time when everything was working.
I have played the game for years and this is really the first time when this is not working.
I have tried Firefox, Chrome and Explorer (10) and closed all scripts down. Also I have tried same with other computers and windows and issue remains.
I went through EA'a help instructions for this also online but it didn't help.
Ea just told me that they cannot help me.... :-)

Anyone have good ideas?


  • Yeah... if you look at the list of last posts in here most of them are about login and changing worlds problems unfortunately :/

    We have gotten answer from EA support that they don't even have direct support for CnC TA anymore, and this forum is the link between the players and Envision (owned or contracted by EA!?!) who are the tech guys and programmers of the game.

    EA is responsible for Origin and therefore also the payment of credits in the game, and also login accounts... EA changed the login and this messed up something for the programmers at Envision.

    Even though we have not gotten much detail or any probable time of fix for this they are working on it, and have said something about a timeframe of a week and that was 4-5 days ago now...
    It is not in the list of fixes for the next update and that is probably because they are running the login problem as a separate case parallel to everything else (I am guessing).

    This have been going on for several weeks now, and the tips change from trying Incognito mode, reloading the page with Ctrl+F5 to clear previously loaded page history, clearing cookies for *.EA.com and *.commandconquerer.com and to run CCleaner on your computer etc...

    I had the same problem and did a lot of messing back and forth between different kind of things and got it to work after that, but I did so much nonsense that I can't give you a clear description of it.

    Even though in the beginning even though I had problems on Chrome it worked fine on Firefox, but it began to be a problem there too the next day.
    I have had it stable here for the last 4 days now, and the only difference now is that I can't have multiple accounts logged in so I have to use 1 account on Chrome and another in incognito mode or Firefox etc...

    Envision have said that logging in multiple accounts is not a spec in the system and will not be made any attempts to make that possible either, as well as it's not wanted from EA's side to have multiple accounts logged in simultaneously.

    If I hear of a definite fix that works and it gets verified by others I will post it here in this thread...

  • Keyser_888
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    edited May 2018
    Collected list of things to try and that seems to work for some, but not for everyone:
    It's really confusing with responses on what works and what doesn't works but this is all of it:

    - Try reloading the login page with Ctrl+F5.
    - Logout of the game AND the forum AND any other EA page your account is used on.
    - Clear Cookies in the browser for all *.EA.com and *commandandconquerer.com pages
    - Run CCleaner
    - Try to log out from this page: http://www.tiberiumalliances.com/logout
    - And log in again on this page: https://www.tiberiumalliances.com/game/world
    - Seperate page made to change worlds: https://gamecdnorigin.alliances.commandandconquer.com/WebWorldBrowser/index.aspx
    - Try changing worlds in the Options menu (bottom right corner) and 'My Games' tab.

    Logging in with multiple accounts at the same time do not work, and it will not be made possible for it to work by design either!
    I will update this list if somone comes up with other or better things!

  • IrkedMax
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    The In game options menu is the best way to change worlds. But it will log you out of the world you are in, so can't open two worlds at once.
  • Official EA reply to the login problem when you go to EA customer service.

    My name is JP and I am a specialist here at EA. I am currently looking into your case and first of all, let me apologise for any inconvenience caused and the length of time you have been waiting.

    The good news is that your case is now in my queue so I will be able to keep a close eye on it and will do my best to respond in a timely manner so you are not left waiting.

    So I can see here you are having issues after being a long term player with C&C Tiberium Alliances.

    I carefully read through your conversation with the previous advisor who has sent this to my department and I have been looking into this for you and my colleague who is an Expert for our other titles has informed me that any requests regarding Tiberium Alliances needs to be referred to this specific forum - https://forums.ea.com/en/commandandconquer

    I understand your frustration and also that you feel that no one cares about your issue but I have been informed that as long as you post on this forum that one of the moderators will reach out to you directly.

    Thank you again for your patience while waiting to hear back from us.we work on your issue George.
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