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i wanna build UNITs. where can i find them ?

hi there,. i cant find and build any war units..

. i have the Factory and the B aracks..
i clicked on them.. no build button in there..

i also tried to look in m y constructiion menu..

The only unit there. is harvesrter.
So, how am i supposed to make troops ?


  • it takes a lot of getting used to playing this game well, and there are many different tactics on what is the best approach for a good game is.
    First off just get used to what is what in the game.
    I fund a clip on Youtube that looks quite ok:
    This should get you started, though there is a lot more details to the game than what he covers in the video :)
    I don't know what server you started on, but it is a while since the last one started so the others there are quite a bit ahead of you now, but proctice and have fun on that one, and make a more serious effort on the next server when it starts... it will be announced on the start page :)

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