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Server Move 11th – 30th June 2018

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Hello Commanders,

In the weeks to come we are moving the game servers to a different hosting center within EA. This will mean newer hardware and a better performance for the game.

The move will be a slow transition and will take us several weeks as we bring down only a few worlds per day to copy the server data to the new data center in the hopes to disrupt the gameplay as little as possible. Worlds will be offline for approximately 2 hours before returning online. We will post a maintenance message for the affected worlds 24h in advance.

You will be able to play normally after the worlds you play on have come back online after the transfer, the only thing that changes will be a new URL for the worlds.

Once the move of the game servers is completed we will require another maintenance to move the rest of the service infrastructure to the new host, we will announce the details separately once that time has come.

So long, see you on the battlefield Commanders!
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  • leo7044
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    Good Morning,

    The server move has the consequence that all scripts have to be adapted. At https://github.com/leo7044/CnC_TA I will upload updated scripts.

    I am willing to adapt more in addition to those that I am adjusting for myself. Please send me the name of the script and the downloadlink via private message . Within about 24 hours I should be able to update and upload the script.
    Technical Background :
    Each UserScript has an "include" line. In almost all scripts for C&C: TA it looks like:
    // @include http: //prodgame*.alliances.commandandconquer.com/*/index.aspx*

    The following change will cause the include-line points to the old web-address, not the new one:
    [...] the only thing that changes is the web address of the worlds [...]

    That means it has to be replaced.
    // @include I_am_the_new_web-adress_and_you_have_to_use_me_from_now_on
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