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I would like to know if there is a way to find player, for example, that is not playing anymore in your world, but that you know that is playing in another worlds. I tried to find a player, by starting 10 recent new worlds, But couldn't find him. Of course, I won't be playing in these 10 worlds. Why, when I click on player, there is not a button "worlds he is active" ?

So, if anyone has a trick to find a player over all the worlds, would be appreciated!



  • Well asking here in the forum is a start. You could also try to find them via associates, like friends, alliance members etc.
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  • gamerdruid
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    Remember, he may not want to be found!

    Whilst your intentions may be honourable, not everyone is so. Players could be hounded from one world to another until they stop playing if there was a 'find player' button.

    As @Elephterion says, asking here with the name of the player is a start and also finding members of his alliances from other worlds that you know of who may also know where he is. It is also possible he plays the worlds you checked, but with a different username.
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