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Command and Conquer is one of the most influential games out there. I along with millions of others would like the series remastered and revived. We would like the game servers online for really fun online play. I used to play C&C when i was a kid, i remember playing a few games before school and me and my dad and brother would get on our comps and duke it out. Westwood studios is legend for bringing such and amazing game in my life and i think i can speak for millions of others. Please remaster and revive the series as there are alot of fans who want it back nothing more nothing less. Just every game remastered and revived with online servers back online....WHO IS WITH ME!!!!!!!


  • gamerdruid
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    Westwood studios is like King Arthur and his burnt cakes! Gone!

    I would like to see the game revived as it was, but I don't think it will happen.
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  • chertosha
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    try CnC Rivals

    works on my phone
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