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What is Post Combat Lock?

From around the time Single Sign-On Login was introduced, myself and players in our alliance have noticed after launching a PVP attack, we still get the normal time countdown before you can attack again and also the 30 second lock for players in same alliance.
However we are sometimes getting an additional 30 second Post Combat Lock countdown which stops you from launching another attack for this time. There does not seem to be any pattern to it and appears to be totally random. Sometimes this Lock continues throughout all your attacks on a base or sometimes it clears in between runs.
Does anyone have any information about Post Combat Lock including .....
When did it start?
Do specific “rules” apply to it regarding when it will happen?
Is there anyway to stop it when it starts during attacks on a base?
Any help / info would be appreciated.


  • methuselah
    465 posts Senior Moderator
    I've not noticed anything any different myself. Please don't misinterpret that, I'm not saying your observations are inaccurate simply that I have not encountered them.

    I assume this isn't your opponent locking you out by running some damage free attack on his own base via another account?
  • chertosha
    152 posts Member
    in the patches they introduced to fight lockdown exploits there were a couple changes:
    1. the person who is being attacked has a preferential right to fight back
    2. the difference between level of attacker (offense) and defender (defense) matter for the timer - i.e. if it's more than +16 or so, the timer is different
    so basically the results you get must depend on the offense and defense involved, and possibly on whether the defender has offense units and what their level is
    After tiberium 30 and the fact that the two original patches did not work to fully solve the problems, they must have implemented some additional undocumented restrictions - undocumented in order for new exploits to be harder to devise - I have not looked at what those are exactly
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