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Admin needed for help

Is the Admin around?.


  • methuselah
    328 posts Senior Moderator
    Could you be a tad more specific?
  • Can You play my game for me to figure out Why i have to reload all the darn TIME?.
    What friggen browser do YOU USE?>
  • gamerdruid
    2365 posts Moderator
    LOL - admins don't need to do that to figure out why. The game works in most browsers with many players choosing to play on Firefox or Chrome, although some others are used too.

    Which world are you playing on when this happens? Do you have scripts running?
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  • Rvtnt99
    37 posts Member
    Maybe be a bit nicer?
  • No need for harsh words. As stated above Chrome and Firefox are the most common browsers and for those the game was developed with support in mind. Edge works also as well iirc.

    If you use one of those browsers and have to reload frequently, there might be several reasons. What is your internet connection/speed? This sounds like a time-out problem with long latency inbetween your end and the game host.
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
  • Can You play my game for me to figure out Why i have to reload all the darn TIME?.
    What friggen browser do YOU USE?>
  • I use the Lastest Chrome,I have a Asus republic of gamers laptop. I have very fast internet pay top dollar for it.?
    I have no issues with chrome until i play THIS game. Very slow to respond have to reload all the time when attacked when attacking when transfering when moveing when ever?
  • Is this happening on all worlds and all the time? Or only on selected occasions? I'm trying to narrow down the cause and issue of this and whether it might be related to the new server hardware or other factors.
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
  • Just world 55 other worlds ok.Been happening for over a year.Doesnt matter if i use scripts or not. It hangs up or will outright log me out with a message that i have been disconnected.The screen its self look un frozen as time and server framesper second still works ,chat works but go to transfer funds or purchase stuff or attack it Lags behind my request to attack or what ever if i sit there in front of screen it will eventually will do as i ask or it will not .So i reload browser then it will do what i want but then it wont do anything after .so i reload again then it will work most times?.
  • Soixie
    348 posts Member
    Welcome to the new IT dept, there isn't anything wrong with your computer or system.
  • methuselah
    328 posts Senior Moderator
    I use Chrome and Firefox personally, they seem to work reasonably well.
  • ok running way better now with new server all is well here thanks.
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