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Next world

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Does anyone know when the next world will start? I can't join veteran servers cause I haven't reached the appropriate rank and I have little experience with high tier units. I don't know how to properly use an avatar war-mech and its been so long since I used the GDI offensive sniper team or the GDI mammoth tank. I heard it might be delayed cause of the server move. The last server I joined, I quit last June 29. I prefer a forgotten attack world with no morale system. This typing is what I'm used to.


  • Next week, maybe, a classic for sure.
    Firestorm next month.
    New concepts on new worlds ... just hopes, sometimes - maybe, or never. New game instead. Like the one for smartphone.
  • I will agree for any world so long as it doesn't have morales. A Tiberium based layout is a good incentive, even if you can't place a 7 to 8 touch power supply. Its weird there are no more Asian servers, that's where I generally live.

    The new game, C&C Rivals, is still in its alpha stage. It might take a year or two before its released on my country. I'd prefer Tiberium Alliances; does anyone know of a similar offensive/defensive style for another game? I think that this concept makes the game unique
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