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slow or not working servers September 2018. ONLY report your problem here!


  • internal server error 500? can't access worlds
  • FIRESTORM 10 why is my options tab not working, the one on bottom right corner of the screen, now I cannot send a sub, this will cause big problems for my game, can you fix it
  • With my player it only lets me on world 104. When I click on Wrath 22 it wants to load but never does. On World 104 I try to click on the options window and it will not open that at all. I us google chrome.
  • oh dear. games having abreakdown again.
  • Have been playing, now can't. Had supplies, now don't. Could change worlds in the options tab, now I can't. These are probably not the only problems. Is it the usual fix of clear cache, etc etc etc, ad nauseam?
  • uvilldie
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    T 27 - lost my supplies -

    EDIT: Problem resolved - gained access and supplies back. Thanks
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  • cant change servers and the options in the bottom right corner no longer works
  • Someone ell me why we bother playing this useless, really terrible run, never working properly game? I just want to chage servers and it wont - its pointless
  • just purchased two supply crates that were not added to My inventory
  • the new servers a complete nightmare. i cant switch worlds. no point phoning EA they say they will compensate you for issues then do not follow through with what they promised on the phone. its a nightmare for serios gamers lol...
  • now it won't change worlds lol awesome
  • gamerdruid
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    Yep. Something has gone wrong with servers - I couldn't use the options link - or forum one for that matter on FS10 on both accounts that were logged in on different browsers.

    I now can't get to the change server screen.

    I don't expect this to be corrected until early Monday European time, around 5am UTC or later.
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • i also can not access my accounts only on w 96.... then when i try to go options my games it does not load ..... i use win 10 / chrome please fix and let us know on facebook however i tried to contact ea help from there also and did not work...!
  • Can't enter worlds, worlds selection doesn't work((
  • It is Sunday - PLEASE, be patient and it will be rectified on Monday. EA cannot help with this issue.
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • hey, it is sunday, which means FORT weekend, we had to kill 2 forts with half an alliance, subs crashing everything , now people can't get on their servers to jump their bases away? will you please make sure you either freeze the game in time, or please move our bases for us???
    tib 9
    wrath 14
    firestorm 8
    are the 3 servers forts were killed 8 & 9 september I know of, i'm sure there are more
    fix that before it is too late please
  • chaak72
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    edited September 2018

    same issue

  • mismo problema xd
  • Confirming that change worlds/game is (still) not possible on Chrome and Edge. EA doesnt work on weekends to keep the quality/standards up. but the games they create eat out your credits 24x7. skewed.
  • along with a bunch of you...
    cant login to other servers
    our attack on fort wrath 11 was hampered by multiple players being blanked out black screen or just kicked...
    when it happened to me was not able to log back in until I restarted computer and then cleared the browser cache then to find out others had same issues and we were not able to kill fort and we were probably really close had the issue not happened.
    EA puts up a 24/7/365 game environment and has no support on weekends - I call ****.
    We have world wide access and I bet the developers also live worldwide so I am sure they can afford to have them remote in and get the process started for repairs and then make a statement to the players on the home page so we know that there is no reason to try and login when the system is DOWN.

    EA please show some respect to the players of a game you created for them to play and provide some notification that I am sure can be provided with the system you have available to you.
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