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slow or not working servers September 2018. ONLY report your problem here!


  • Oooh they got an AI in the chat! How snazzy...
  • Finally got that sorted, loaded authentication to my google authenticator, and good to go...strange how all this was done through Origin.com and not EA.com - good night all
  • gamerdruid
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    I'm glad you managed to get things working.
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  • What about Tiberian 24? It is not accessible for a week now
  • https://prodgame06.alliances.commandandconquer.com/370/index.aspx
    Tiberium 24 resolves normally for me. That world will be moved tomorrow btw.

    Can you be more specific about the error?
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  • IrvTheCurve
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    edited July 2018
    World 77 looks to be down again. This just happened. (The world selector still shows it available, but https://cncapp03.alliances.commandandconquer.com/224/index.aspx does not load,)
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  • This is what I can report: I login from the office using Win10 and 0365, l can log in Tiberium12 just like normal. Then I come home on my Win7 machine and my laptop and I have a problem as follows:
    1. I login to Origin using browser only.
    2. I press play button and two factor jumps up
    3. I ask to send to my mailbox. It takes over 120 seconds every time (I have a 20M fibre line)
    4. Log into jump screen with my correct world showing.
    5. Press Play button and timeout after 2min. bot on laptop and desktop.
    6. I now need to try it on my kids machines.

    So my advice for now, try a windows 10 machine and see if it allows you to login?
  • Tiberium 10 also no acces anymore...
    '' I wear a mask . And that mask , it's not to hide who I am but to create what I am." ~~~~ Batman ~~~~
  • teberian 12 also went offline
  • sorry i spoke to soon , online again
  • I still cannot login to World 107 Classic (USA East Coast) and World 83 (USA East Coast). Has anyone from EA side acknowledged this issue and working on it?
  • As far i can see these are not online :

    Tib 10
    Tib 16
    Tib 18
    Wereld 4
    World 70 (Europe)
    World 78 (Europe)
    '' I wear a mask . And that mask , it's not to hide who I am but to create what I am." ~~~~ Batman ~~~~
  • i'm not gonna tel this every time but already 20 min offline again
  • mansavvy
    6 posts New member
    Are EA serious? managed to get w66 accessible for aproximately 12 hours then same error as before seems like they are in a competition with TSB for worlds worst update tech. Lucky EA don't do banking
  • app1 app2 and app3 are not working again, You might have to move Them back to the old servers again until the bug is fixed
  • geza25973
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    edited July 2018
    @Elephterion These new servers sure are the bee's knees, you sure EA never got them from the scrap man instead? Servers are DOWN again, good work on how to "annoy" everyone.

    Worlds i play, that are saying online but not accessible:

    World 91
    World 97
    World 105
  • World 86 US east is offline, world 100 US east is offline, and I have 3 accounts on world 89 Europe 2 are online one is giving timed out error.
  • Now world 104 (USA East Coast is off-line again. When will the EA management finally get a grip on this? Talking to Customer Support is NO USE, they telling me to change my DNS settings! What idiot would blindly do that to address the problem cause by EA on a first place??
  • MD7707
    28 posts Member
    Tib11 was back online for a while and now is not accessible again. Though the interesting part is that while I managed to login few hours ago I noticed that actually the server was/is NOT DEAD. The resources were accumulating which means that the engine was still working with access to databases.
    Which makes me think that this is either a firewall/load-balancer or simple routing/switching issue within the datacenter and not an issue with the server(s) hardware itself. Some might be surprised but changing a DNS on our computers might actually help if they have done changes in the DNS records which are below the age of the zones.

    Interesting. Would be nice to see some technical details of what is exactly happening. Though we might never see such things.

  • I can't loging to forgotten attacks beta server. Now im stuck at a random wotld and I still can't change servers.. quick link to my worls please ?
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