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I am curious as to the impact of support. If a lvl 55 offense attacks a base that has 20% support incoming, what does that do to the offense. In my mind the 55 ol should be reduced to 44 ol. That doesn't appear to be the case. Anyone know.


  • Soixie
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    20% health is reduced, if the supports are level 55
  • I understand that, at what lvl does the offense operate is what I want to know
  • Soixie
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    edited July 2018
    Same level as the support. The damage is based on the unit receiving damage.
  • That answer makes no sense. The enemy offense is 55 and the support hit him for 20%. What level is that 55 offense really attacking at, because he still went through the 51 def as if he was still close to lvl 55. My math says 20% off of 55 is 44 but the offense did not act as if it were anywhere near that.
  • Soixie
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    edited August 2018
    It makes perfect sense, 100% of the entire game engine is simple calculus as it is impossible to code any differently. However, you haven't provided 20% of the required variables to even remotely calculate. Asking someone to explain the calculus behind the game dynamics in a single post isn't going to end well, these aren't abc's.

    A 55 Mammoth that gets health damaged 20% does not turn it into a level 44 unit for offensive purposes, but 54 as power and health is exponentially greater with each level. A level 44 Mammoth has 120.5k health and does whereas a level 55 Mammoth has 343.7k health. 20% of 343.7 = 68.7k therefore Mammoth was dropped to 275k health. 275k health is level ~53.8. From here we begin discussing mammoth damage at the modified level vs. unit type.

    Base damage for Mammoth vs. Infantry/Vehicle/Building/Artillery = 150/280/180/180 respectively. This is modified by level, unit multiplier, health, offensive poi's and BOTH the defending alliance's offensive & defensive poi's and each alliances overall ranking percentage score as well.

    Level 55 Mammoth damage = [ X * 1.1 ^ (L-1) ] * UM * H, where X is base unit damage, L is level, UM is unit modifier and H is health. UM for mammoths is 2.5. From here we would normally begin discussing the calculus behind how POIs work and overall affect of rank as compared to other alliances on server.

    The short version is this; If the defender is higher ranked POI's than the attacker, a level 51 unit can defeat a level 55 attacker that was damaged 20% with ease.

    A much shorter version is this: Level is King, period.
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