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Loophole: Command Center and Defensive Headquarters

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Currently, these two buildings only perform two functions;
  1. Raise the unit pool, but maxes out at level 25 and 28.
  2. Determine maximum level units can be upgraded to.

The loophole we are finding out is this;

Once players reach level X, if they are happy with said level of units, they sell their CC and DHQ and rebuild them to level 28. Players are cannibalizing these buildings for massive amounts of Tib and power, to spend elsewhere on the base, on defense or offense.

I highly recommend that the command center and defensive headquarters serve an additional purpose;

Limit the level in which offense and defense can be repaired to, based on the level of CC and DHQ respectively. Ex. Level 60 offense with a level 35 Command center means, you can only 'heal/repair' units to 35/60 health or, 58.33%. Same calculation for defense.

While I don't believe the loophole was intended, it is in some aspects, unbalancing the game. Directly linking these buildings to the repair calculation will greatly balance the game, both in farming aspects and in PVP. The code should be simple enough to implement, test and send live.


  • EE_Elephterion
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    In regards to the Loophole there is room for improvement. I think simply deactivating any defense structure that has a level above the level of the DefHQ should suffice. Same for the Command Center.
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