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Alliance name error

We changed our alliance name on Tiberium 36 to what should have been Battlefield Veterans but one of our commanders spelt Veterans wrong and added 2 spaces instead of the one needed and it is showing up as Battlefield Vetrans. We will have to wait 7 days to correct the spelling and spacing mistake and will be embarrassing for us to wait until then and would like to ask EA if they could correct it for us.


  • Sorry, no can do here. I'm, afraid you will have to endure.
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
  • Then I would like to know why is there a 7 day wait before anyone can change alliance name and if EA can add a auto spell check to alliance name to stop errors from happening in future.
  • gamerdruid
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    If you can't or won't wait 7 days you could make a new alliance with the correct spelling and move everyone over.

    Spell checking - which language (English, French, German and Spanish are common) then there are the ones that are uncommon but do occur such as Swedish and Russian and what about the deliberately misspelt names?
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