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What is the purpose of Credit?


In the game I have a huge amount of Credit (55G) and also have a lot of Credit Supplies, but I don't know how to use Credits, what is the purpose of it?
I know that If I want to send resources from base to another, then it costs Credit, but what else I need Credit?

Thanks for help!


  • EE_Elephterion
    1429 posts Envision Developer
    Ctredits are also spend on researching new units and unit upgrades, alongside Research Points. You can find those technologies in the Research Tab in the top menu bar, next to Supplies.
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
  • Thanks for the prompt feedback! Yep, that is the other place, where Credit is used. I also know that, just forget to mention. So we use Credits in the situation: send resources, reaech new units and unit upgrades. Is that correct? In that case I feel that Credits are missconfigured in the game. I have ~40-45 level bases, but only 20-30 level Refineries, and still have a huge amount of Credit. I have never been in a situation when Credit was not enough. So I think the existence of Credit has not make sense.
  • Rovsau
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    Credits DO make sense.

    Either you have invested too much in Credits, or you are at such a high level that you will have too many Credits no matter what you do.

    The core of the game is how you prioritize Structure Slots and Level Upgrades, over time.
    Time is the ONLY limiting factor in Tiberium Alliances.
    Other than that, you are free to go your own way.
    If you play smart, you can outgrow your opponents passively. This is essentially an effort-game where efforts in long-term math and short-term micro-managing really pays off in the long run.

    If you want to have a personal chat, message me and we can use DIscord or something.
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