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Tiberian 35 Offline Every Day

Why ?


  • half way killing a base, server goes offline at random every day now and then i get back online and the base is healed.

    great way to waste money.

    please fix this issue and check your server logs.
    this is ridiculous in combination with the increased insane CPU and RAM loads.
  • 30 mins later server back up but cant sim.
    server lags like hell.

    great idea to migrate the servers, i thought you guys said it would increase stability ?

  • https://clip2net.com/s/3VYNtU3 the same happens to me. Need to wait about 5 mins for server to react on my actions. Please fix it... We are in war now and stability is essential factor.
  • Why I can not sim?
  • same problem as Rotixek . Need to wait about 5 mins for server to react on my actions.
    EA care to respond us ?
  • I have not been able to do anything for last 3 days...how long yet?
  • Same here, its not playable anymore...
    c'mon EA, fix this asap!
  • Elephterion
    459 posts Envision Developer
    We are rebooting the world in ~10 minutes, notification is being send out.
    Envision Entertainment Support Staff ON VACATION
  • Can't normal play all time game stuck need login again, if start attack same camp get disconnection from server?
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