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  • Soixie
    416 posts Member
    methuselah wrote: »
    No one is ignoring the problem and saying people don't care is simply not accurate. I agree this is a massive fail, TA survives on those purchases, without those the lights go out. Having said that thought, it isn't a matter of "not caring" I'm sorry.

    I don't know what to say about EA here I just don't understand. To say basically "I've never heard of Tiberium Alliances" until you say "I want to give you money" sends a really, really bad message to paying customers.

    Appreciate it, though I never stated no one cares, only that there is zero evidence or support from EA that they do. I believe Envision cares, but are continually being hamstrung by EA. Successful organizations are simply not ran this poorly. I hope EA and Envision are able to resolve it, and soon.
  • methuselah
    403 posts Senior Moderator
    I apologize for misunderstanding you then, I'm a player first and a mod second so I have the same frustrations that you do but I'm defensive towards the dev team because I get a little insight into how hard they work and how much they care.

    I won't argue with your stance towards EA at this point it is impossible to defend their behavior as it relates to TA.
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