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Server issues on 9th to11th of September 2019 Don't POST HERE for 14-April-2020


  • I am unable to spend any funds, and when I checked my supplies there is none ? im playing on Vet server 6,
    there are other players having the same issue.
  • On W106, all of my supply crates have vanished.

    I note that nothing is given for fresh crate kills.

    When can i expect this problem to be resolved?

    I did all the usual things like clearing the browsing history and cache's, logged out and back in,
    but nothing.
  • I can not use Funds on Tiberian 26.

    I get the message:
    "Transaction failed: Account error"

    History, cache and cookies are deleted - no changes...

  • There was an unplanned outage of a background service from EA, which lead to the instability of yesterday. Currently some worlds have not quite fully recovered after the service reconnected automatically, so you may see some unscheduled reboots of some worlds over the course of today.

    Right now we start with the most recently launched worlds and then we move on to older worlds.
    We will try to keep you updated what happens. Supply crates you owned prior to the outage should remain unaffected, crates earned during that time however may have not been registered properly.
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
  • I just noticed that I too don't have any of my won supply crates! How am I supposed to get anywhere if I can't use something that just disappears and we have no real way of tracking? I know we can go back to see all the ones we bought and won, but how do we know which ones disappeared and which ones were used? This way when the game developers fix the issue we are not cheated in any way!
  • now I am able to switch worlds again but not showing my won supply crates in inventory
  • Hi I have the same problem using Chrome or IE same result
  • If you are still missing crates, please report the full name of the World that is affected when you respond.
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
  • cant login to any sub's i get an error

  • 25/5000
    I have the same world 7 and 34
  • Just noticed everything in my supplies is gone. We are talking a substantial amount of crates. Will wait to see if they return.
  • Hi Same issue on World 58.
    Existing supply crates of the rank and previous ranks have all vanished.
    All supply creates did exist yesterday morning ( 09-SEP).

  • I am not able to enter the sub option and complete a function.
    other players have the same problem.
    in some situations, nor does it open a replacement option.
  • From the last server restart, (possible maintenance before) the problem has gone.

  • world 34. I moved to kill a base and no crates. Now he can kill me anytime..... what to do?
  • Is that old world 34 or Tib 34?
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • Then some type of compensation should be given to cover any loss of crates during outrage
  • I'm not sure if we can compensate for every supply crate individually, I'd have suggest a free Repair Time Package and CP instead, to make up at least the costs for obtaining the crates, if not for the resources from the crate instead.

    Players still retain the resources earned from the attacks, as far as I can see.
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
  • Can not login on sub in some worlds
  • All My supplies have disappeared?
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