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server disconnects

I don't know if anyone else is having this issue. I am literally getting the msg, you were disconnected from the server, constantly. I was attacking a player earlier on Wrath 18 and during 4 attacks, I was disconnected at least 5 times.
I am on chrome and I have to clear cache everytime I log on so that is not the issue. I have this same issue on every server I go to.


  • gamerdruid
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    I also get the 'disconnected' message, using Waterfox.
    Chrome does have issues at present that make it difficult for the game to work well, but this issue is not related.
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  • Well, I thought it might be chrome so I used MSN edge. Exact same issue. The game is unusable as every time I click on anything, the system locks and a few moments later I get the disconnected msg. After about 30 seconds it comes back. I have noticed, however, that whatever browser I am using, it is using up any where between 25% to 85% of my cpu. This has never been an issue until very recently, within the last week.
    I also thought it could be my pc, but everything worked fine other than the loading issue last week. In my search, I saw a post from several years back about this very issue with tiberium alliance.
    Some one please help
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