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when to upgrade silos,

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Initial thoughts are likely that it is better to upgrade the silo with the most contacts with green and or blue patches. This makes sense. At each level the highest touch silo will get more resources than a silo on a lower number of patches. So that bases on the way to being fully leveled up can have silos both at level 60 and level 40.

Is it always better to upgrade the higher level silo with more green and/or blue touches, say for example a five touch green silo as opposed to a three touch green silo.

No. It is not.

As each upgrade will decrease the average overall ROI of the silo, that is each upgrade lowers the rate of tiberium produced per total resource invested. At some point upgrading a three touch silo will have a higher return on new investment than upgrading (for example) a level 63 silo on five green patches.

This example of a level 63 silo will show this. This is taken from Tiberian 30, uprising, forgotten attacks.
To upgrade the level 63 silo to level 64 takes 89.34 g tib (and one fourth that in power). The increase in the rate of continuously produced tib is from 310 million tib per hour to 388 million tib per hour. An increase of 78 million tib per hour for the 89 billion tib that it will take to upgrade the silo. That is less than one tib per hour for each one thousand tib used to upgrade the silo, the actual upgrade ratio is + .876 tib per hour per 1000 tib used in the upgrade.

Leveling up a level 52 silo on three green will produce a slightly greater gain of 0.95 tib per 1000 tib used in the upgrade (upgrade increase in tib/hour is ~4 million/hour with an upgrade resource cost of 4.2 billion tib). Upgrading the now level 53 silo to level 54 also makes sense as the gain is 0.89 tib per hour per 1000 tib to upgrade. Going from 54 to 55 does not make sense as the upgrade gain ratio is 0.85, better now to save to upgrade the level 63 silo, or another green three touch silo that is lower than level 54.

A rough calculation can be done when upgrading the base by looking at the upgrade cost and the rate gain by hovering the mouse over the base buildings and mentally comparing them.


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    You forgot to mention, only on new economy worlds.

    There is no scenario whereby a Silo or Harvester is worth purchasing for any reason otherwise.
  • Rovsau
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    There are a few exceptions to the rule of upgrading the Silo with the best worth ratio.

    Production Increase / (Tib + Power Cost)
    Production Increase / Tib Cost

    Exception being if your 3-touch Silos have better ratio than a 5-touch, but if you do not upgrade the 5-touch you won't be able to spend all your resources for Tiberium Production Upgrades, hence upgrading the 5-touch Silo will definitley increase your Tib Prod more than the others. Remember that Time is THE factor.

    Also, saving resources for later is not something you do in a war game.
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