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How your Offense Level is calculated



  • @EE_Elephterion,

    I am getting different numbers than what the game states when calculating my offense level:

    Here's what I have:

    A Command Center of Level 19 that means 150 total army points

    The theoretical army score I calculate is 7986.99

    The theoretical army score I calculate for a Level 18 Command Center Army is 6212.40

    With the combination of units and unit levels, I calculate a Player Army Score of 3363.70.

    Army Score Fraction = (3363.7-6212.4) / (7986.99-6212.4) = -1.60

    The final army equation should be:

    Final Army Level = (19-1) + (-1.6) = 16.4

    However, in the game, my Army Level is around 15.6.

    I'm assuming I am not understanding one of the steps? Any clarification would be awesome. Thank you!
  • @EE_Elephterion,

    Could you please update the post with the correct math? Currently, the equations and methodology given is incorrect in providing an accurate calculation of a player's offense level.

    The main is reason is the Army Score Fraction. In general, the Army Score Fraction should be a negative. With the current equation and methodology, the ASF is a positive number.

    Let's assume a Command Center Level of 31. Next let's assume a Player Score Value of 65,000.

    You state that the theoretical army value is the calculation that is the maximum value that is less than the player's value. In this case, that is the number 61,717. Then, for the maximum value minus 1 level, you state that is the maximum value below the number 61,717 which is 56,970.

    Calculating that we get:

    (65,000 - 61,717) / ( 61,717 - 56,970) = .6916

    This number is nowhere near correct when added to (31- 1) + .6916. = 30.69 where in the game the OL shows 28.91.

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