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rassismus ?



  • 9/3/2018 11:28:34 mail received this morning from the roots from Tarttaros

    You're wrong guy, when we start the center, always open a server, now bttr 1.0 will fire again and like another new server ...
    You can send a thousand messages or a million will not listen to you, as long as you answer an automatic form that will tell you thank you for contacting us ... and that's it.
    Mira Latin Crazy had 1 member of the EA administration, and the CiC had free funds every month, 250k per month, and even then, it was good for nothing because even

  • Do you have any concrete proof of any racism openly displayed?
    If there is any proof of misconduct then please forward it to me via PM.
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
  • @Elephterion , it doesn't exist. There is a general prejudice against the enemy but otherwise this seems to be a basic power gap problem and yet another example of F2P crying foul making false accusations vs P2P.

    Stronger alliance occupies center, appears lead bases are level 40-42 range. Rest of the server is level 30-35 and got lost in the dust.
  • NOCIFERE wrote: »
    Mira Latin Crazy had 1 member of the EA administration, and the CiC had free funds every month, 250k per month, and even then, it was good for nothing because even

    In game funds cost money and are not free. The maximum a player can purchase is 50k at a time however, limited use based on SP. 250k is simply 5 purchases, or roughly $200 USD. The intent of EA is to generate revenue, not prevent players from "buying credits". $200 USD / mo is approximately the maximum amount any player can spend on any world. You can purchase more than $200/mo, but you won't be able to spend it due to SP limitations.

    The only single limitation is a player's SP pool, which generates 300/d (or 12.5/h). The cost of spending and utilizing the game to it's fullest potential is to buy enough credits 24/7 to spend 100% of their SP pool at all times. Spending SP allows you to purchase boxes which cost 10 SP each and your options are of course Tib / Cry / Pwr / CP / Cr.

    Each box costs 249 credits therefore
    300 SP / d * 249 Cr / 10 SP = 7470 credits per day is the maximum any player can spend recursively per server
    7470 * 30 days = 224,100 credits a month or 7470 * 365 / 12 = 227,212.5 credits a month

  • NOCIFERE wrote: »
    you speak without knowing
    you did not read the cat
    so stop saying loser or winner
    there has just lost 50 players and funders who are paying
    when they will have lost enough money maybe then they will change the concept

    mount an ali then create accounts for a 2nd ali to block the server I do not call that play but purely and simply steal the players

    I have several taci to my credit my alliance has never blocked the center to pass ghost accounts for the medal
      so your remarks you keep them for you TheSpanishRat1
    NOCIFERE wrote: »
    https://zupimages.net/up/18/36/etnu.png Tiberium 34 Yesterday 02/09/2018

    Impossible to approach the poi 42

    no poi, no power, yet army level 39
    do you find this just that the card is blocked by guys who have already destroyed the center?

    your option of destroying the guys who destroyed the center is zero
    they change their ali so they are not destroyed
    there is an effort to be made on it

    many online games prohibit double triple and quadruple accounts
    why is EA unable to do it?

    reminding that this method makes you lose a lot of money !!

    Not to mention the context of you are another nation that German you have nothing to do on this world ???

    pity for this game yet attractive

    guys, it's simple,stop playing and don't ask for justice.
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