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Command and Conquer 4 : tiberian twilight reg code saying general system error

I bought this game the other day on steam and the code I put in just keeps popping up saying general system error. I would like to play could someone help


  • I think the best course of action is contact the EA customer service and Steam CS as well.

    Here you can get to contact EAs helpdesk: https://help.ea.com/de/contact-us/?product=cc-4-tiberian-twilight&category=codes-and-promotions&issue=invalid-code
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
  • I've just had the same issue, followed by a 404 error trying to communicate with servers.
    Did you get a resolution to the problem Jesse?
  • cYn_s15
    1 posts New member
    Just saw this looking for a solution myself. Turns out if you download and install Origin and then load into your EA account there. Register the Key against your Origin login, then restart the Steam version and log into your EA account in the game launcher it all works OK.
  • arraxor1989
    1 posts New member
    i baught a new and old copy of the game as i thought it may have been the disk being scratched but both codes didnt work and when i even went to live chat they had said both codes had already been registered, even the un-opened copy that was sealed and still had security tag on was invalid.
    i would recommend that you never buy EA games requiring a code as it will already be used even a new game that hasnt ever been opened ad you will only get from EA its been used.
  • arksta
    1 posts New member
    so how do we fix this problem with the rego code cause its pretty sad we all got the game and we have this stupid issue, what code do they mean not the the redeem code i know that cause iv tried every possible upper/lower case and its not it please someone advise thank you...
  • gamerdruid
    3569 posts Moderator
    You're unlikely to find a solution here I'm afraid. If the code that came printed on the disk packaging has been used, you been sold a copy of something that has been pirated.
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
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