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How do Supplies actually work?

Hi guys

I can't figure out how the dupplx system works. You generate supply points over time that's clear and I know how to spend them. But how can one buy multiple supplies? For example: I bought at level Lance Corporal COmmand Points, but I'm not able to buy more of them with my supply points because they're greyed out.

CAn someone explain this system to me? It would be much appreciated.




  • Hello Commander,

    Can you post me a screenshot of your supply screen? And on what server are you playing.

    Are we talking about Adding packages or Using packages. Supply points are used to Use a supply package, and add the resource to your base. If you want to purchase a package you need TA Funds, which are bought with real world money.
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
  • I figured it out. Thanks anyway. You can only get the Supplies, if You already cleared a forgotten camp with supply crates in it. Or by buying it with the TA funds. So this thread can be closed.
  • HOW DO I USE MY Lance Corporal COmmand Points. I bought so many and I cant use them?????
  • Greetings commander,
    you can use your supplies from the supply window found in the top region of the interface. From the Resources tab you can Use any amount of Command Point supplies, provided you have the required amount of Supply Points.
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
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