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Game service interruption 09 - 10 September

Hello Community,

yesterday, there was an unplanned outage of a background service from EA, which lead to the instability of the game service you experienced. Currently some worlds have not quite fully recovered after the service reconnected automatically, so you may see some unscheduled reboots of some worlds over the course of today.

Right now we start with the most recently launched worlds and then we move on to older worlds.

We will try to keep you updated what happens. Supply crates you owned prior to the outage should remain unaffected and reappear after the world comes back online.
Crates earned during that time however may have not been registered properly. We apologize for possible loss of crates during that time and we will try to compensate you with a free repair time package and CP instead.
Envision Entertainment Community Liaison


  • A compensation has been granted just now. 12h of Offense Repair time and 5x 12 CP Tokens should be credited to every player on all their worlds they played in the last 7 days.

    If you have been online and don't see the items appear, refresh your page and they should pop up.
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
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