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Tiberium 36 Europian

I seem to be locked out of my account... It's now been an entire day since i have been able to login and play... At first i was only able to log into firestorm 10, and when i tried to switch servers it would only take me to FS 10 over and over again...

Now i can at least log into Vet 6, and FS10, but highly irritated about Tib 36.. I notice at least a few can log in as i have dropped a few ranks while i wait and continue trying to login, with no success..

Please try and help me with this issue, i have deleted scripts, and such hoping that'd help, but it also didn't help.


  • Hello Commander,

    have you been logged out completely recently where you had to sign into EA with your credentials? If not I'd advise you to do just that. Log out manually from your TA account and clear browser cache and cookies. Then sign into your account again.
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
  • 36 SUB Account Feature STILL NOT WORKING UNable to load SUBs
    I also have a Number of Members who have Problems login into 36 But they have No Problems login into 19 (Thats how l know of there Problems)
  • EE_Elephterion
    1423 posts Envision Developer
    edited September 2018
    Are you using multiple accounts logged into the game while trying to load a substitution? Because that might lead to some issues. Scripts my interfere as well.
    I just tested the feature on Tiberium 36 and it works on Chrome and Firefox.

    Have you tried clearing cache&cookies?
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
  • methuselah
    403 posts Senior Moderator
    I can't test T36 I'm not in there but subs are working fine for me in the worlds I can test.
  • i still cannot login, have tried all of the above, logging out and in again.. i only use 1 account for all servers, and 36 seems to be only one i have any issues with.

    thanks for the advise, and idk what causing this, but hope something gets fixed.
  • The SUB Problem on 36 has now been fixed
    Thanks Elephterion
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