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Could not log in to tib 30 today

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edited September 2018
I was able to log in to tib 1 and tib 30 though.

Today, Saturday September 15, I logged in to Tib 30
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  • Still can't.
    There are no scripts running for ccta.
    The browser I am using is chrome. I do not want to clear the cache.

    By cache I am referring to settings/advanced/clear browsing data: this brings a menu wtith its own basic/advanced option

    The advanced menu option allows for a time range varying from one hour, 24 hours, four weeks, to all time.
    Below this is
    Browsing History,
    Download history,
    Cookies and other site data ( Is this what is specifically meant, cookies and other site data),
    Cached images and files, (or is this what is meant)
    then passwords,
    auto-fill form data,
    Content settings,
    Hosted app data,
    and finally Media Licenses.
    To remove all this to test if this is the problem is not something that should be required.

    There does not seem to be a site specific way to do this in Chrome. So I have been removing stuff ... slowly.
    I am unwilling to proceed further as I do not want to lose all the stored information like site passwords and the browsing history, and some cookies.
  • Chrome did have an option to select which cookies and session files to delete, however with the current version I can't find the location so it may have been removed.
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • Logged in today!
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