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TA Field Manual


This appears to be a work in progress, posted on the PTE forums by @geoanon recently.

Worth a read.

It doesn't deal with Forgotten attacks or Morale and has some empty pages.

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  • I'm sticking this to the Subforum in the hope to find some contributors from the community :)
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
  • Had a quick read.
    Would change up a few things on the resarch side of things.
    Orca after 3rd, Cobra after 3rd and Cobra Shield before 4th. (would be the most apparend thing for me at least)
  • I wish it would explain things instead of blindly putting them. For example, as a new player I have no idea why would I want Predators as a first research choice instead of Missile Squad and why there is no Missile Squad anywhere in the list at all.
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