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18.3 Patch preview on PTE

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Hello Commanders,

we patched PTE with the changes for 18.3 earlier today. Here is a list of the implemented fixes:

  • Replaced instances of ‚server‘ with ‚world’ where more appropriate
  • Improved time/date calculation to prevent displaying errors with wrong activation/deactivation dates of countdowns
  • Fixed an error occurring when changing worlds via the options
  • Made changes to the base shortlist to prevent icons becoming obscured by the scrollbar
  • Fixed an error in the base tooltip with line breaks
  • Fixed an error with the Option window not opening sometimes
  • Fixed an error with the sorting of bases in the resource transfer window
  • Fixed another bug in the resource window with the localization
Added Features
  • Collect All button; collects all packages throughout all bases

    Known Issues
    • The Collect Resources Button is still waiting for a localization in all languages and displaying not the right text at the moment -Done/ 10th Oct
    • The word 'Server' in descriptions and ingame displays is still used in many places where it refers to 'World'. This will be fixed by localization before the release of 18.4 to the other servers.
      [*] Currently there is a bug with calculation of the time display inn the Infobox, this will be fixed before release -Fixed

    Happy Testing, if you find anything broken, feel free to respond here :)

    updated: The change to the remaining localizations will likely come later
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  • Nomad6111959
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    edited September 2018
    is there an issue with firefox ? I ve got only an black screen after log in .
    Same with edge and ie . Chrome logs me often out . And there is a new button over button found new base called tnf:collect ressources
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  • Soixie
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    edited September 2018
    I'm missing something, tried to start a new game on PTE, all I get is a black screen after I select PTE then start a new game.


    Fairly certain you know what error bugs/exploits I'm going to test :)
  • I can manage to log in ok (using F12 as the delay hasn't been fixed).

    I also see this:
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  • Thanks for the feedback, I forgot to mention that the new Button is still waiting for a localization to all languages, I'll edit the post in a minute.
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  • Soixie
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    edited September 2018
    'black screen' seems to be due to Firefox with scripts installed. I was able to start a new game using Chrome
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  • Thanks for the Info @Soixie, I suppose you can't tell me what script exactly causes the error, or at least which you are using?

    We are aware of the problem with Time calculations are are working on a fix for that.
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  • Soixie
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    SyntaxError: redeclaration of formal parameter
    source loader.js:300:8

    note: Previously declared at line 298, column 33
    source loader.js:298:33

    unreachable code after return statement[Learn More] eval:12869:14
    unreachable code after return statement[Learn More] eval:19408:20
    NewTradeOverlay loaded index.aspx:2:3
    TACS: Simulator loaded index.aspx:2:3
    Synchronous XMLHttpRequest on the main thread is deprecated because of its detrimental effects to the end user’s experience. For more help http://xhr.spec.whatwg.org/ eval line 3 > Function:33865:1
    unreachable code after return statement[Learn More] eval line 3 > Function:12869:14
    unreachable code after return statement[Learn More] eval line 3 > Function:19408:20

    Running on: Firefox Quantum (guess they started naming their versions?) 62.0.0
    Game script installed is via Tampermonkey: CnC TA: Crucial Pack All in One by debitosphere
  • Thanks, I tested this with 62.0.2 and no scripts so my error log looks a bit different. But its helpful data non the less.
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  • Happy to assist.
  • We are going to patch again today with some more improvements to the time zone calculations. We will give a maintenance warning before we bring down the server.
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  • eh, pretty sure your patch deleted my pending base. I lost a ability to 'found' / create a new base.
  • Are we talking about the patch from Thursday? Do you have the resources for founding the base still?
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  • No, I spent them to create/found a base, they were not refunded.
  • Soixie
    531 posts Member
    edited October 2018
    I'm also going to request you reconsider fixing this loophole/bug before go live on 18.3


    You can simply disable units above CC/DHQ level.

    At the very least, a mid-patch correction before Christmas so we're not waiting another year for a fix.
  • nefrontheone
    738 posts Member
    edited October 2018
    @Elephterion , Is in this version where the problem of incorrect names of players in sending messages is solved? :-?

    In the earlier versions if you type a non existing name, it's not valid like message receiver
    Now you can type nef, nefron, nefrontheone, nefi... and all appears like valids
    Not a part of EA / Envision teams - My comments are only mine.
  • I'm afraid thats a change that got pushed to 18.4 but i don't think that its gonna be months again until the next patch ;)
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  • Just a heads-up, we will update PTE once more in 15 minutes. This is to include the outstanding localization updates.
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
  • Will Wrath 8 be getting the patch [18.3] as well ? The Collect All button seems cool.
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  • gamerdruid
    3897 posts Moderator
    Eventually all worlds get the same patches, so the answer would be yes.
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • A malicious question ...
    With the "Collect All Packages" button from MaelstromTools if it had two or more bases with the same name it only picked up the packages from the first base. With the button integrated in the game, have you tried this issue?

    Thank you!
    Always testing something
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