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This code logic was changed last Christmas if I remember correctly, but if a player was greater than 6 levels above the neighboring outposts, nothing used to spawn.

The code was changed from (old code)

If within_range() then
If ABS(Outpost_level()-Player_level() ) < 7 then spawn_outposts()
else return
else return

to (current code)

If within_range() then
If If Player_level()-Outpost_level() > -7 then spawn_outposts()
else return
else return

Essentially, if the higher of your offense or defense was 7 levels or greater than the neighboring outpost, nothing would spawn. I'm told this was an oversight during the last major upgrade/patch/version, but it's been nearly a year and the correction is still outstanding.

Granted, this example below is extreme but I'm not sure what any player would do with a level 50 outpost when they can farm level 57 camps. If there is some magical need to spawn outposts during those "special events", a simple one line code check can be inserted to check for special_event() flag

If within_range() then
if special_event() = true then spawn_outposts()

Thank you for your understanding, these worthless outposts are clogging up our farms.



  • So, just to make sure I understand:
    The problem is that there are Outposts spawned when they shouldn't because the Player's Base' Level exceeds the level range.

    Which world is this btw.?
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
  • Correct.
  • EE_Elephterion
    1954 posts Member
    edited September 2018
    From what I can see, tunnels have only an activation threshold on the lower end. A de-activation for bases above the margin is not active it seems. Are you sure there was in the past?

    And low level OPs clogging your farming space is nothing i'd call a bug. A nuisance maybe, but if wanna have an easy time farming in low level territory, I don't see why you shouldn't be bothered by dealing with those camps. Or you know, move to more level appropriate areas.
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
  • Soixie
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    edited September 2018
    I believe the intent of your statement is getting lost in text form. No, I'm not 100% certain of the code change, it's been nearly a year. I remember we didn't have outposts clogging up our farms, now we do.

    I'm not sure what the meaning of "move to more level appropriate areas" is supposed to imply either. My screenshot was just a simple example of a +7 level base triggering outposts. You are free to log into any world and view the same. I have a level 60 at the 15 POI line because we had just removed 26 bases from an enemy we knew hadn't logged into the game for a month.

    There is no such thing as "appropriate area". Outposts are everywhere, it is physically impossible to create a level 55+ farm anywhere on any server that isn't in range of an outpost. Outposts are simply nuisances that refuse to go away that server absolutely no purpose after level 50. They also serve no benefit to the player, it's been proven they have lower return vs. CP/RT than camps but I also appreciate what they represent up through level 50. Beyond level 50, the only single benefit Outpost serve is to create havoc for players by causing camps to spawn farther away. Increased CP in turn lowers resource farming, slowing player growth.

    Another solution would be to allow outposts up to level 68, triggered no different than camps based on player level. I say 68 because if you're making such a change, you should remove the camp level restriction as well and simply make all camps and outposts +/- 1 vs. the current code of +0/-1 with 65 cap.

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