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1-on-1 Unit Counterpart Comparisons

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A Mammoth Tank vs. Avatar (both fully upgraded) —who would win ? Also A Sniper vs. Confessor (both fully upgraded) —who would win ? I used to think GDI was superior & that I made a mistake, after viewing GDI's better visuals on YouTube videos. I picked NOD 'cause I could relate, I like the evil NWO Conspiracy Theory... P.S: Sorry for not posting in an Alliance forum, but I felt I should get it off my chest, also since I'll be active in here more.
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  • I'd wager the Avatar, if it's got Conversion upgrades installed. More HP and DMG output.
    Only advantage the Mammoth has is its range, so it can get a few hits in before the Avatar is in range, which the Avatar will likely recover with its lifesteal.
    The upgrade for the Mammoth is only useful against walls so... in this scenario Nod is likely going to come out on top.

    For Sniper vs. Confessor, it would depend I guess. Snipers got a DMG upgrade, Confessors a DEF upgrade, so I suppose those cancel each other out.
    However stats are different for Off and Def version. You can check in the Arsenal ingame. But it looks like Nod would still take the cake.
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  • Thank you ! :)
    ~The Air Turns A Deadly Shade of Purple~ -[ Alien FX Fiend™ ]-
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