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Veteran Season 6 has ended!

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Hello Commanders!

Yesterday Season 6 of your Veteran Challenge has ended, and we congratulate the winners!
  1. place was earned by the Alliance Act of Valor, with 407.412.261 Points scored this season
  2. place goes to Center Driven, with 295.477.344 Points in this season.
  3. place is secured by –Anyone For Tea--, with 261.251.011 Points earned.

Top 3 Players this season are:
  1. Clarknorion – 11.840.518
  2. KKoolnessJr – 11.438.157
  3. wolf200467 – 9.863.654

We had in total 2.484 Commanders join the fight this season, generating 1.777.842.359 Veteran Points in total this season. 14.975 Player Bases got destroyed over the course of the last 90 days, together with 37.348 Forgotten Bases.
Fiercest Killer of this Season as danischock, he killed a total of 284 Player Bases. Nacturno on the other hand crushed 416 Forgotten Bases, more than anybody else.

We sulte to you, brave Commanders!
But always remember, after the battle is before the battle, we hope to see you in the next Season!
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