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Patch 18.3 Maintenance 18th October

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Hello Commanders,

We will be rolling out the most recent Update on the first set of worlds. The Patch will commence on Thursday 18th, from 08:00 – 16:00 UTC.

We will bring down the following set of worlds, apply the update and return them back online. During that time the affected worlds will be temporarily unavailable. This process will take course over the entire timeframe.

  • Replaced instances of ‚server‘ with ‚world’ where more appropriate
  • Improved time/date calculation to prevent displaying errors with wrong activation/deactivation dates of countdowns
  • Fixed an error occurring when changing worlds via the options
  • Made changes to the base shortlist to prevent icons becoming obscured by the scrollbar
  • Fixed an error in the base tooltip with line breaks
  • Fixed an error with the Option window not opening sometimes
  • Fixed an error with the sorting of bases in the resource transfer window
  • Fixed another bug in the resource window with the localization
Added Features
  • Collect All button; collects all packages throughout all bases

So long,
see you on the battlefield, Commanders!

Update rollout 18. 10. 2018

World 1
World 2
World 3
World 5 (USA East Coast)
Welt 1
Welt 2
World 7 (Europe)
World 1 Spanish
World 3 French
Welt 8
World 32 (USA East Coast)
Welt 9
World 34 (Europe)
World 35 (USA East Coast)
World 4 Russian
World 37 (Europe)
World 38 (USA West Coast)
World 42 (USA East Coast)
World 5 Russian
World 6 French
World 1 Swedish
World 1 Norwegian
World 1 Danish
World 44 (Europe)
World 45 (USA West Coast)
World 47 (Europe)
World 3 Portuguese
World 4 Portuguese
World 7 Spanish
World 53 (Europe)
World 54 (Europe)
World 55 (USA East Coast)
World 8 French
World 58 (USA East Coast)
Welt 21
World 9 Spanish
World 10 Spanish
World 65 (USA West Coast)
World 66 (Europe)
World 7 Polish
World 11 Spanish
World 2 Czech
Welt 28
World 72 (Europe)
World 4 Dutch
World 8 Polish
World 79 (USA West Coast)
World 12 French
World 83 (USA East Coast)
World 85 (Europe)
World 95 (Europe)
World 20 Russian
World 98 (Europe)
World 101 (Europe)
Public Test Environment 2 (PTE)
Tiberian 5 (Europe)
Wrath 5 (Americas)
Tiberian 10 (Europe)
Wrath 6 (Americas)
Tiberian 11 (Europe)
Speedworld 1 (Europe)
Tiberian 14 (Europe)
Firestorm 7 (Asia Pacific)
Tiberian 21 (Europe)
Wrath 15 (Americas)
Wrath 18 (Americas)
Tiberian 30
Veteran World 5
Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
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