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Force despawning camps

old old bug - players can force camps to despawn and not reappear for "hours"

I believe the current rule set involving camps is the following;

Base must have offense units. Ownership of a CC is not a requirement. Someone can build a CC, develop an army, then sell their CC - Camps will still spawn. I'm not 100% on this, if this statement is false then the reverse is true - Base must have a CC + defense and offensive units are in fact not required.

Once one of the two above are true: Base becomes eligible to spawn up to 2 camps*

Camp shall spawn within friendly territory (if available) and within lessor of 20cp or 10 clicks (10.49?). If no friendly territory is available, camp will spawn within 41cp or 10 clicks.

Camp level that is spawned is +3/-1 levels of the higher of said base offensive (with 'bonus') vs. defense through level 47. At level 48 off/def, equation becomes +2/-1. At level 49 off/def, equation becomes +1/-1 and between levels 50 and 65, the equation becomes +0/-1. At level 66 and 67+ offense (max defense is 65), the camp spawned shall always be level 65.

**Bug: if a player kills BOTH of the flagged camps tied to a base at the same time (or within <1s), only one camp will respawn. The second camp will not respawn until the "timer" involved with "rotating" camps around periodically occurs. I don't know what this means as it relates to physical code, other than how it appears from the player perspective. I have to believe that if/when the "timer" performs it's "camp rotation" script, if a player happens to destroy the 2nd flagged camp tied to the base, the 1st camp would remain "despawned". For most players, this isn't a big deal however, it is a bug/loophole in ensuring a base with an offense has camps to farm.


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