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Base repair time

I have a question that I hope someone can answer. On one of my worlds, my lvl 65 base takes over 9.5 days repair after being killed, which equates to between 10 and 11% per day. I just killed several lvl 65 bases earlier and they were re spawned approximately 12 hrs after being killed. All of them were 16 to 17% repaired after only 12 hrs. Can someone explain how this is possible.
There are no bldgs under lvl 65


  • You answered your own question, the respawned bases are 17% repaired and they will repair ~8% / day until they are 100%. You cannot take a base to 0% destroyed. The very milisecond a base is destroyed, it shall respawn at 11% health, not 0%.

    Bases that respawn within 24hrs of being killed have ZERO alliance bonus', other than CP you can WALK that base. Sometimes by choice in effort to force their enemy to spend more CP at an exponential cost to themselves, but mostly performed only by the naive.

    Bases that are killed before alliance bonus' are provided, shall have their alliance recovery timer extended an additional 24hrs. If killed again, another 24hrs, I've seen bases in 4+ days recovery mode, defenseless.
  • Sorry, but I disagree. After 24 hrs my dead base was respawned with only 8% and his was 17% after only 12 hrs. So apparently my base was at 0 when it was killed
  • No base shall respawn at 0%, it's mathematically impossible.
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