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  • Unclear if cultural or you simply don't understand the definition of not applicable. There are no TOS for PTE, you can spin it 100 different ways though the common theme appears to be "not my fault, go talk to EA". This makes as much sense as explaining the color 9. The lack of enforcement of rules is in fact the same as no rules at all. You don't get to claim they exist when no one associated with this game on any level cares or will lift a finger to help the community. Continuing to make false statements which have been proven wrong is lunacy.
  • nefrontheone
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    edited January 2019
    The rules of conduct and education always exist. They are responsible for ensuring that the security forces of the state are met.
    In this game there is a set of rules of the game: https://www.tiberiumalliances.com/rules. They are responsible for making those responsible for EA comply.
    These forums are a tool that EA makes available to the players, in which EA members, the development team, players and everyone who loves the game can participate or not.
    Do not blame, please, this forum for things that are being done that escape the possible actions of most of the participants in it.
    Note: At no point in the game rules indicate that they are not applied to the PTE server.
    Not a part of EA / Envision teams - My comments are only mine.
  • Soixie
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    Good luck with that fantasy, TOS are unenforced on PTE, period.

    EA does not participate in this game as far as players are concerned. Complaints provided to EA go no where. These forums exist as a facade, the sole purpose of which is for devs to be notified of any extreme break fixes that need to be addressed and nothing else.
  • I think the thread has run its course, when we are resetting PTE we will announce that beforehand. Nothing of that sort is planned in the next weeks.
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
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