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Highlander Server please

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Hi There, can a server be created where only one alliance can badge, or once an alliance goes through and badges their play ceases on that server. Recently, and I use Wrath 36 as an example, 5 alliances joining to lock the server up makes it one sided and pointless for other players to continue with the game. funding stops and players desert the game or wait for the new server to start. By having only one who can badge will force everyone else to knock others off the hubs, increase pvp (it is a war game) and make the game less one sided and enjoyable.


  • gamerdruid
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    Or when it becomes apparent who is going to get to kill the fortress (50 players) and get a badge, 20,000 leave if they haven't already! At least with 5 alliances that 200+ players funding not just 50
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  • Would not this be more like veteran servers where you fight, you fight and only one is left first?
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  • Pay to play, join one of the 5 winning alliances, don't **** them off, welcome to real life.
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