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Need more power!

What is the general strategy to get the most power efficiently? Lack of power seems to be my downfall for base advancement.
Thank you in advance.


  • gamerdruid
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    8 or 7 touch accumulators with as high as you can get accs and lower power plants. No harvesters (use slots for power squares).

    Asking in your alliance will usually produce answers for the layouts you have.
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  • Agree @gamerdruid

    6-8 core buildings (HQ, CC, DF, DHQ, Air, Fac, Bar, Support)
    5-7 Accumulators
    25-29 Power plants

    6 or 7 Crystals available

    Perfect base is all Acc have 6 power plants and all power plants are touching at least 1 crystal (nearly impossible).
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