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Slow load in Chrome? Try this

If your game sessions load like mine, usually one of two things will happen after the progress bar starts. Either it will reach the halfway point quickly before loading to 100% or it will have some significant lag and may take 20 seconds or more to reach halfway. The next time you see the latter happening try this: as soon as you see it is going to lag, click the button to open a new tab (mine is set for Google); after a second or 2 when the new tab has loaded, immediately close it. You will return to the game loading page but, if it works the way mine does, it will usually already be at 100% or it will get there very, very quickly.
In fact, it may load faster than it ever has before. I've also set Chrome to open 6 game sessions at startup and used this trick. Just click the first game tab, then click new tab, then close new tab, then when you see that game has loaded, click the next game tab; wash, rinse, repeat. 6 tabs in under 30 seconds! I believe it has to do with how Chrome allocates memory; when you open a new tab it gets a memory allocation (4G last I checked.) Then when it is closed it gets released and the garbage collector deals with is. It just so happens, it seems, that the gc passes it right along to the memory-hungry new game session. You might say it gets two bites of the apple. I haven't found any real downside to using this method. Try it for yourself. Now if anyone knows a good way to automatically run this routine, that would be like...AwSim.


  • gamerdruid
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    It is working for me with Chrome. I've made it a sticky and I'm closing it so it doesn't get cluttered with comments about it not working!
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