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Unable to build curtain structures

I have bought the Command and conquer ultimate collection and have been working fine for quite some time but since Origin has updated a number of them have devolved a similar bug/glitch. When i'm trying to build curtain structures it don't seem to register the icon of the building and subsequently wont let me build it. and all seem to be in a similar place. So far it has effected Red Alert 2/ Yuri's Revenge and Tiberian Wars/Kane's Wrath. It looks like the Game mouse icon and the Win mouse next to each other, and when i move it over the Tech Centre it don't even the name of the building.

i'm not sure if this is EA or Orgin's fault, just wondering if anyone else is having the same issue. I have uninstalled the games and re-downloaded them and still have the same issue i'm running them on Win 10.
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