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Alliance Bank

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Create an Alliance bank to transfer resources to other members.

Alliance must drop shield to perform deposits or withdraws
Members must be flagged permissioned within alliance control panel; default on for veterans, officers, SIC and CIC
Member must have killed fortress with same alliance as flagged alliance bank
Alliance losing control of center would lose access to alliance bank, but would reacquire full access once center is controlled again. I.e. no loss of resources, just access to them
Members must buy (research) the ability to use alliance bank; 5T Cre, 25T RP (this is huge---discourages "fake/shadow/**** alt accounts" from abusing alliance bank). Any active main, even F2P, attempting to better themselves could easily qualify to participate.
Although bank is 'virtual', transfer cost is calc'd based on center of world. If transferring from 400,500 and center of world is 500,500 then, cost is based on 100 clicks. Same for withdraw. Two members adjacent to each other at 400,499 and 400,501 would collectively spend RP based on a 200 click transfer (not 2).
Include the ability to transfer power

Alliance officers and leaders would need to increase alliance bank storage capacity (spending resources from alliance bank to increase capacities). Costs associated would be based on current Acc/Silo costs (server dependent) x 500 while storage capacity increasing x 1000 over current units.


Levels 13-65 would be based on current game engine calculations for associated server;
=ROUNDDOWN([level 12 amount]*1.32^([Level increasing to] - 12),0)

Increasing from level 49 to 50 would cost 916+G Tib, 229+G Power and provide nearly 4.2T of storage

Increasing from level 64 to 65 would cost nearly 59T of Tib, 14.7T of Power and provide over 270T of storage.

Implied though, allow players to transfer power between their own bases at 2x normal credit cost.

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    Ok, updated. Worlds aren't empty after fortress kill by any means though. Perhaps Alliance bank should be 'fortress bank' instead, loss of center would be loss of all stored resources, captured by the new alliance.
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