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Freezing while invoking battle

Sometimes when invoking a battle the application just freezes. I can navigate to the map... I can pan around look at bases, and the battle is running even though nothing shows on the battle window. I can't launch any new battles, I can't even see the results of the battle currently running. I never get the 2 minute clock to appear on the battle window... nothing shows that it has started, eventhough it has. At this point I can't do anything besides close my browser and log back in. Its been happening pretty frequently for about a month. I am using Firefox ( latest build ). I checked Dev tools and not seeing anything besides 200 statuses. The application constantly "Polls" but when this condition occurs it stops Polling. the InvokeBattle is called but no polling occurs afterwards. I will see an occasional "GET" but nothing else. I have no scripts running. Seems like there might be an issue with the InvokeBattle method. I am on World 42 and have been for years.


  • that's lag, the game is unplayable currently.
  • That's not lag on that server...
  • Soixie... I apologize. I believed that with only a handful of players on that server, there would be no way that the server would lag. It just sounded absurd that with very little activity, there would be anything that would cause a specific server to slow down this much. BUT... you are CORRECT... it IS definitely lag. I have been just too impatient to sit and wait 5 minutes for a battle to commence after I click the button. This is absurd... takes me forEVER to run through my battles each day. This needs fixed.
  • This appears to be MUCH better now. Not sure what was done to resolve, but at least it allows me to run several battles without having to logout/in after every single one. Its not 100% as it still flakes from time to time.. but it is certainly an improvement. Thanks!
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    This issue still occurs on 42.. its never really gone away... given that its been over a year or so, thought I might mention that this is still going on. I can probably queue up about 5-10 attacks now before it freezes and requires me to log out and log back in. I have never found a pattern for it... and I have confirmed it occurs on at least Firefox as well as Chrome. I keep hoping one of the patches that is applied to the server will resolve this once and for all... I assume the issue might be more client side, but I would have thought a fix would have been made by now.
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