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It's interesting that the "game developers" can post announcements all the while blocking reply's to their posts/announcements. The truth is, the "game developers" are really not game developers at all. They were handed a game that had already been developed by others and their responsibility is/was to manage and maintain and they're failing at that on a colossal scale never heard of before. So, is their mismanagement due to incompetence or is it because EA failed to see thru their real "hidden" agenda?
Of course I get it, know how to do it, but I'm a transparent kind of guy, my ego isn't so overwhelming to myself that I can't handle criticism. I'm not fragile, unlike some, I'll not drop names just yet, that will hit the boards soon enough.
Go ahead EE_Elephterion - Envision Developer, throw me in Forums jail again, I'm not done yet. Lock me out of the game, please do it. Put my posts back up, you know, the ones you deleted.
You can't possibly think that announcing that worlds are stable but will be going offline thru-out the weekend makes any sense whatsoever. That is NOT the definition of stable.
Yep, you brought me to your attention, you finally crawled out of your shell. You'll not be the only one crawling out of your shell though.
This will be one of the nicer posts from me. You expect tact, yet you deliver none, well, now you're going to get a taste of what you dish out on a regular basis. If not here, trust me, I'll be heard. Of course you wouldn't know where to look if I didn't post here now would you. How much "damage" could a little peon like me do? right.
That said, get ready for a ❤️❤️❤️❤️-storm, you brought it on yourselves.
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