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Map bot is back online + Source Code

Hi everyone :)

Few month ago the map and stats bot went offline because of EA new login system.

The first day I searched on the Internet and I found that lot of people trying to use the EA login system had troubles with Captchas/Antibot system.
I wasn't able this time to deal with this, found some workaround before but now login security is higher.

Few weeks later I finally decided to try to do the login system... trying as much as possible to avoid catpchas (need to avoid to be definitely flagged as a bot or IP banned)

I decided to release the source code of the bot so if one day I can't find enough time to fix the Bot, everyone can get the code to fix it or run a separate instance of the map (need to put the Database schema on the repository)
Also, it can be useful for developers that want to understand how cnc services work

But the old code was in French, some refactoring and comments were needed so I started from scratch a new bot with new tech stack

I went on vacation 3 weeks and changed job so I had a lack of time but finally I finished the Bot and it's now running (I will probably have to fix some bugs but it seems stable atm)
here is the bot code : https://github.com/SebHeuze/cnc-bot

Map is running at http://cnc-map.com/, I added latest Tiberium 37, http://ccta-stats.com bot seems to work but some stats are missing because of lack of data and I need to monitor this, it's only live since yesterday but don't worry it will work

Sorry for the very long wait

PS : I received a lot of messages since the crash of the map, thank you so much for your support, I couldn't replied to everyone but I still have the mails, I just wanted to be sure to fix the map before replying to every players.

Have a good day !

Finger crossed,I hope I will not have too much problems with the new login system
AlkalyneD4, cnc-map.com/ccta-stats.com developer


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