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Disband alliance



  • jbl3ck
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    edited July 2021
    johno3some wrote: »
    I too am trying to disband the alliance, but all I see in the properties is grey text and boxes. I am the CIC called casualty1 in Firestorm 13... Can you help please.... someone.......


    i think it's about the bug introduced with the latest patch...

    some members are missing some buttons... most (if not all) were french in my alliance.

    Advice (not sure it'll work):
    - try changing the game language to "English" or use the "Default" settings.
    - disable all userscripts and clear browser cache (or use a different browser for this task)

    Or a workaround: make someone else CiC and have him kick you from the alliance... and then he'll disband it?
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